23. How To Release Jython

These are just some rough notes on the steps needed to make a full release of Jython. I generally run ant full-build as a test beforehand, as well as testing many of these steps throughout, but since that isn’t strictly necessary I’m not including it here. full-build requires all of the optional jars for the build be available and named in ant.properties. See build.xml for more information.

  • Update files in trunk that have information on the current version
    • build.xml - update properties jython.version, version.noplus, jython.major_version, jython.minor_version, jython.micro_version, jython.release_level, and jython.release_serial.
    • imp.java - If there has been any compiler change, increment magic number APIVersion.
    • NEWS (double check with the bug tracker)
    • README
  • Run regrtest and the bugtests

  • tag the release: hg tag v2.5.3rc1

  • build from tag

  • “hg pull;hg up” to get the revision number incremented by the tagging above.

  • set local properties in ant.properties, mine for 2.5.3rc1:
    • informix.jar=${basedir}/extlibs/ifxjdbc.jar
    • oracle.jar=${basedir}/extlibs/ojdbc14.jar
    • jython.version=2.5.3rc1
    • jython.version.noplus=2.5.3rc1
    • project.version=2.5.3-rc1
  • ant -f maven/build.xml

  • go to https://oss.sonatype.org/index.html#welcome

  • select “Artifact Bundle” for “Upload Mode”.

  • Upload jython-installer-2.5.4-rc1-bundle.jar

  • Repeat for jython-2.5.4-rc1-bundle.jar

  • Repeat for jython-standalone-2.5.4-rc1-bundle.jar

  • Test the artifacts from sonatype.

  • “Release” bundles when they are known to work (warning: this is irreversible)

23.1. Post Publish

  • update files in the website that reference the current release
    • index.txt - news and link to the new download
    • redirects/downloads.txt - link to the new download, checksums (from file properties in the SF file manager)
    • redirects/latest.txt - a copy of NEWS
    • redirect/constants.txt - if there is a new stable release
    • building and uploading of the website is described in README.txt
  • change the #jython irc channel topic

  • announce on twitter (as jython), irc channel, mailing lists, blog ...

  • add a new level in the bug tracker

  • update build.xml for trunk again

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