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32.6. commands — Utilities for running commands

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35. Undocumented Modules

Here’s a quick listing of modules that are currently undocumented, but that should be documented. Feel free to contribute documentation for them! (Send via email to

The idea and original contents for this chapter were taken from a posting by Fredrik Lundh; the specific contents of this chapter have been substantially revised.

35.1. Miscellaneous useful utilities

Some of these are very old and/or not very robust; marked with “hmm.”

— Import hook support (for rexec; may become obsolete). Removed in Python 3.x.

35.2. Platform specific modules

These modules are used to implement the os.path module, and are not documented beyond this mention. There’s little need to document these.

— Implementation of os.path on Win32, Win64, WinCE, and OS/2 platforms.
— Implementation of os.path on POSIX.