Package com.ziclix.python.sql

Interface Summary
DateFactory Provide an extensible way to create dates for zxJDBC.

Class Summary
DataHandler The DataHandler is responsible mapping the JDBC data type to a Jython object.
DBApiType This class wraps the types from java.sql.Type in order for PyCursor to differentiate between a regular PyInteger and a SQL datatype value.
Fetch The responsibility of a Fetch instance is to manage the iteration of a ResultSet.
FilterDataHandler A FilterDataHandler contains some other DataHandler, which it uses as its basic source of functionality, possibly transforming the calls along the way or providing additional functionality.
JavaDateFactory Produce java.
JDBC20DataHandler Support for JDBC 2.x type mappings, including Arrays, CLOBs and BLOBs.
JDBC30DataHandler Support for JDBC 3.x additions, notably ParameterMetaData.
Jython22DataHandler A copy of the DataHandler class as it was before Jython 2.5.
Procedure This class provides the necessary functionality to call stored procedures.
PyConnection A connection to the database.
PyCursor These objects represent a database cursor, which is used to manage the context of a fetch operation.
PyExtendedCursor A cursor with extensions to the DB API 2.0.
PyStatement Class PyStatement
WarningEvent An event signalling the a SQLWarning was encountered while building results from a ResultSet.
zxJDBC Creates database connections.

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