Class FastIntInvokerFactory

  extended by org.python.modules.jffi.FastIntInvokerFactory

public class FastIntInvokerFactory
extends Object

A factory which generates Invoker instances that are optimized for 32 bit integer and float parameters / result types with 3 or less parameters. Technical background: Instead of trying to cram all calls down a generic call path, then figuring out how to convert the parameters in the native code on each call, jffi supplies arity and type specific call paths that can be optimized ahead of time by the native code. The downside of this approach is more java code to wire up the functions and call them using the arity+type specific paths, but in the case of int and float parameters, it can result in more than a 100% speed boost over the generic path.

Method Summary
static FastIntInvokerFactory getFactory()
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Method Detail


public static final FastIntInvokerFactory getFactory()

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