Class JLineConsole

  extended by org.python.util.PythonInterpreter
      extended by org.python.util.InteractiveInterpreter
          extended by org.python.util.InteractiveConsole
              extended by org.python.util.JLineConsole

public class JLineConsole
extends InteractiveConsole

This class uses JLine to provide readline like functionality to its console without requiring native readline support.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
JLineConsole(PyObject locals)
JLineConsole(PyObject locals, String filename)
Method Summary
 String raw_input(PyObject prompt)
          Write a prompt and read a line from standard input.
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Constructor Detail


public JLineConsole()


public JLineConsole(PyObject locals)


public JLineConsole(PyObject locals,
                    String filename)
Method Detail


public String raw_input(PyObject prompt)
Description copied from class: InteractiveConsole
Write a prompt and read a line from standard input. The returned line does not include the trailing newline. When the user enters the EOF key sequence, EOFError is raised. The base implementation uses the built-in function raw_input(); a subclass may replace this with a different implementation.

raw_input in class InteractiveConsole

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