Package org.python.util

Class Summary
Generic Static methods to make instances of collections with their generic types inferred from what they're being assigned to.
JarRunner JarRunner initializes sys (PySystemState), passing args in (including the name "__run__" as arg 0 for consistancy with Python expectations), and import __run__.
JLineConsole This class uses JLine to provide readline like functionality to its console without requiring native readline support.
JycompileAntTask Compiles all python files in a directory to bytecode, and writes them to another directory, possibly the same one.
JythoncAntTask Jythonc is a Python compiler into Java Bytecode.
NameUnionAntType Unions several resource collections by the name of their contained resources.
PyFilter Enables you to write Jython modules that inherit from javax.servlet.Filter, and to insert them in your servlet container's filter chain, like any Java Filter.
PyServlet This servlet is used to re-serve Jython servlets.
PyServletInitializer Initializes the jython runtime inside a servlet engine.
PythonInterpreter The PythonInterpreter class is a standard wrapper for a Jython interpreter for embedding in a Java application.
ReadlineConsole Uses: Java Readline

Based on CPython-1.5.2's code module

TemplateAntTask Template is an Ant task for generating new-style object definitions based on template files.

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