Jython Podcast

The Podcast for the Jython Programming Language

Welcome Jython Enthusiasts

Since 2006, the Jython Monthly newsletter has been bringing you Jython news, articles, and tutorials on a monthly basis. Each month, the newsletter strives to bring new Jython content to the web, adding to the extensive online library of Jython content that already exists.

The Jython Podcast goal is to take the newsletter one step further. While the content of the podcast will include that details of the monthly newsletter, it will also bring fresh content to the podcast realm which cannot be included with the newsletter. Extra content for the podcast may include interviews or coverage of specific Jython-related events in a pseudo-live podcast fashion.

Special thanks to Dimitris Chloupis for editing the audio.
Check out his blog to hear some great mixes at http://kilon.blogspot.com