Interface ClassDictInit

All Known Implementing Classes:
_csv, _functools, _hashlib, _marshal, _systemrestart, _threading, ArrayModule, Collections, cPickle, errno, exceptions, itertools, jffi, math, operator, PosixModule, PyConnection, PyCursor, PyExtendedCursor, RandomModule, thread, Time, WeakrefModule, zipimport, zxJDBC

public interface ClassDictInit

An empty tagging interface that can be used if a java class want control over the class dict initialization. When a java class implements this interface, it must also have a method like:

       public static void classDictInit(PyObject dict) { .. }
The method will be called when the class is initialized. The method can then make changes to the class's __dict__ instance, f.example be removing method that should not be avaiable in python or by replacing some method with high performance versions.

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