Class PyEnumerate

  extended by org.python.core.PyObject
      extended by org.python.core.PyIterator
          extended by org.python.core.PyEnumerate
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Iterable<Object>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class PyEnumerate
extends PyIterator

The Python builtin enumerate type.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class org.python.core.PyObject
Field Summary
static PyType TYPE
Fields inherited from class org.python.core.PyIterator
Constructor Summary
PyEnumerate(PyObject seq)
PyEnumerate(PyType subType)
PyEnumerate(PyType subType, PyObject seq)
Method Summary
 PyObject __iternext__()
          Return the next element of the sequence that this is an iterator for.
static PyObject enumerate_new(PyNewWrapper new_, boolean init, PyType subtype, PyObject[] args, String[] keywords)
 PyObject next()
          The exposed next method.
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__iter__, iterator
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Field Detail


public static final PyType TYPE
Constructor Detail


public PyEnumerate(PyType subType)


public PyEnumerate(PyType subType,
                   PyObject seq)


public PyEnumerate(PyObject seq)
Method Detail


public PyObject next()
Description copied from class: PyIterator
The exposed next method. Note that exposed derivable subclasses of PyIterator should override next to call doNext(custom___iternext__), as __iternext__ is overridden by the Derived classes.

next in class PyIterator
a PyObject result


public static final PyObject enumerate_new(PyNewWrapper new_,
                                           boolean init,
                                           PyType subtype,
                                           PyObject[] args,
                                           String[] keywords)


public PyObject __iternext__()
Description copied from class: PyObject
Return the next element of the sequence that this is an iterator for. Returns null when the end of the sequence is reached.

Specified by:
__iternext__ in class PyIterator

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