Class CallableProxyType

  extended by org.python.core.PyObject
      extended by org.python.modules._weakref.AbstractReference
          extended by org.python.modules._weakref.ProxyType
              extended by org.python.modules._weakref.CallableProxyType
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CallableProxyType
extends ProxyType

ProxyType with __call__.

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Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
static PyType TYPE
Constructor Summary
CallableProxyType(GlobalRef ref, PyObject callback)
Method Summary
 PyObject __call__(PyObject[] args, String[] kws)
          The basic method to override when implementing a callable object.
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Field Detail


public static final PyType TYPE
Constructor Detail


public CallableProxyType(GlobalRef ref,
                         PyObject callback)
Method Detail


public PyObject __call__(PyObject[] args,
                         String[] kws)
Description copied from class: PyObject
The basic method to override when implementing a callable object. The first len(args)-len(keywords) members of args[] are plain arguments. The last len(keywords) arguments are the values of the keyword arguments.

__call__ in class PyObject
args - all arguments to the function (including keyword arguments).
kws - the keywords used for all keyword arguments.

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