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Current Version

The current version of Jython is 2.7.3. It can be downloaded here:

For information on installing see Installation.

This version is supported on Java 8 (minimum) and 11.

Current Beta Version

A beta version is available (Jython 2.7.4b2). It can be downloaded here:

A build from the repository will identify as Jython 2.7.4b3-something.

Previous Versions

Previous versions of Jython are available from:

OpenPGP Public Keys

Release files for supported releases are signed by the following:

You can validate these keys, using the installer as an example:

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --recv-keys [key id]

gpg --verify jython-installer-[x.y.z].jar.asc \

GPG will report Good signature from [release owner].

GPG may also report a warning unless you explicitly tell it to trust the key. This is not necessary for one-off verification. The warning is explained here. The signing keys are listed above to allow validation independent of the file repository.