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Jython-Specific Features

Jython has a number of features which allow easier integration with Java and make use of the rich environment provided by joining the two languages.

The Jython Registry

Jython works with a local Jython registry file to provide a platform independent equivalent to the Windows registry. It combines this with environment variable and command line information at startup.


Java classes can be embedded in Python scripts, and Python scripts invoked and inspected from Java code.

Collection and Array support

Jython provides ways to smoothly integrate Java collections and arrays with Python data structures.

Compiling to Java class files

The compileall module in Jython produces Java byte code in Java class files from Python code. It otherwise corresponds to the CPython module of the same name. (Earlier versions used a tool called jythonc which was removed fully in Jython 2.5).

Database interaction

The zxjdbc module provides a Pythonesque interface on top of the Java Database Connectivity API (JDBC).