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A Metric to English Converter

This example shows how to put a number of different gui components together to build a complete system. It does the amazing task of converting between the metric and english measurement systems.

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The complete source code for this example is included below.

from java import awt from java.applet import Applet from java.awt.event import ActionListener, ItemListener, AdjustmentListener from pawt import GridBag basicUnits = [ ['Metric System', [('Centimeters', 0.01), ('Meters', 1.0), ('Kilometers', 1000.0)]], ['U.S. System', [('Inches', 0.0254), ('Feet', 0.305), ('Yards', 0.914), ('Miles', 1613.0)]]] class SimpleBorder: def paint(self, g): g.drawRect(0,0,self.size.width-1, self.size.height-1) def getInsets(self): return awt.Insets(5,5,5,5) class Converter(Applet, SimpleBorder): def init(self, unitSets=basicUnits): self.setLayout(awt.GridLayout(2,0,5,5)) self.panels = [] for name, units in unitSets: panel = ConversionPanel(name, units, self) self.panels.append(panel) self.add(panel) def convert(self, master): value = master.getValue() multiplier = master.getMultiplier() for panel in self.panels: if panel is not master: panel.setValue(multiplier/panel.getMultiplier()*value) class ConversionPanel(awt.Panel, SimpleBorder, ActionListener, AdjustmentListener, ItemListener): max, block = 10000, 100 def __init__(self, title, units, controller): self.units = units self.controller = controller awt.Panel.__init__(self) bag = GridBag(self, fill='HORIZONTAL') label = awt.Label(title, awt.Label.CENTER) bag.addRow(label) self.text = awt.TextField('0', 10, actionListener=self) bag.add(self.text, weightx=1.0) self.chooser = awt.Choice(itemListener=self) for name, multiplier in units: self.chooser.add(name) bag.addRow(self.chooser) self.slider = awt.Scrollbar(awt.Scrollbar.HORIZONTAL, maximum=self.max+10, blockIncrement=self.block, adjustmentListener=self) bag.add(self.slider) def getMultiplier(self): return self.units[self.chooser.selectedIndex][1] def getValue(self): try: return float(self.text.getText()) except: return 0.0 def actionPerformed(self, e): self.setSlider(self.getValue()) self.controller.convert(self) def itemStateChanged(self, e): self.controller.convert(self) def adjustmentValueChanged(self, e): self.text.setText(str(e.getValue())) self.controller.convert(self) def setValue(self, v): self.text.setText(str(v)) self.setSlider(v) def setSlider(self, f): if f > self.max: f = self.max if f < 0: f = 0 self.slider.value = int(f)
Hopefully after looking over the previous examples, this code should be fairly easy to read. If not, you'll have to wait until I have the time to write up a good explanation for this example.