Download Jython

Note: The following information refers to the older 2.1 release. For the latest Jython news and release information, please refer to the updated jython website. (March 2007)

Here are the steps you need to perform in order to download Jython. Once you've done this, you should read the installation instructions.

  1. Check that you have a working Java 1.1 or 1.2 compatible JVM installed

    If you already know that you have a JVM which is Java 1.1 or 1.2 compliant, go on to step 2. Otherwise, you should read this information on finding and installing an appropriate JVM for your platform.

  2. Download Jython

    Please use the following links to view and accept the licenses for Jython 2.1.

  3. Subscribe to the Jython-users mailing list (optional)

    The Jython-users mailing list is used to discuss using Jython effectively, what features Jython needs, and to make announcements of new releases. The web page below will allow you to subscribe to the list. It will also let you view the past archives of the list. This mailing list is managed by Mailman.

  4. Send a short note telling us what you're doing/what you need (optional)

    We'd really like to hear what people are doing with Jython as well as what they'd like to do but can't because some feature is missing. You can drop us a note at jython-dev. Example comments:

    I'd love to build an amazing new FooBar with Jython, but I can't because it's too slow/doesn't support applets well enough/has a too restrictive license/needs to support the module/has too many bugs/doesn't have enough documentation/...

    I'm building an amazing FooBar with Jython by doing X, Y, and Z, and it is so easy in Jython that my boss thinks I'm a genius!

    We'd love it too, if you send a short blurb about yourself, your project, or your company, so we can add it to the Jython Users page.