Jython Roadmap

last modified: October 4, 2007

1   Summary

Note that Jython's version numbers represent the version of CPython from which Jython pull most of its libraries that are written in pure Python (as opposed to the parts that are written in Java).

1.1   Jython 2.2.1

Jython 2.2.1 has been released. We will produce additional point releases for bug fixing as necessary.

1.2   Jython 2.5

Jython's current fragility means that the next release will primarily be a cleanup release. The current plan is to target Python 2.5.

We have noticed that the current codebase is extremely brittle and uses way to many different styles to do many of the same things. All of this inconsistency makes bugfixing a nightmare, and makes learning the codebase from scratch extraordinarily difficult.

This means that, at least for the core developers, we will be concentrating on making a clean 2.5, while improving the java integration. An earlier version of this doc suggested that we would not be considering moving to ASM or Antlr -- but a very successful Google Summer of Code project and much committer interest has made it quite likely that we will do just that (move to ASM and Antlr).

A side goal of Jython 2.5 is to try to get some CPython frameworks working, especially the web frameworks, for example:

  • Django
  • Pylons
  • TurboGears
  • Twisted

1.3   Jython 3.0

Jython 3.0 (or Jython 3000 to denote the likely year of appearance) will, like CPython 3.0, be a backwards incompatible version that can include radical departures from Jython 2.x. The departures will at least include the departures that CPython 3.0 has made (for example, old-style classes go away, ints and longs are completely unified, etc.)

Serious discussions about Jython 3.0 can perhaps begin once CPython 3.0 goes to a GA release.